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  • Russian Sewing Concern

    Clothing for harsh conditions

About company

«Russian Sewing Concern» - is a Russian company, one of the leaders in the development of clothing of II-III layers, for all climatic zones, including the Far North.

We have also been specializing in the production of corporate and premium clothing for the city since 2001. The experience of our employees, product quality, an integrated approach, and a well-developed logistics and supply network make us an ideal partner for worthy brands of any company.

Our team of specialists will help retailers and designers formulate, design and implement any fashion ideas, and company managers create an individual style of clothing for themselves and their employees!

«The Russian Sewing Concern also produces products under its own trademarks

Our services

We provide a wide range of services from design projects to finished products.

Development of corporate identity, creation of a design project, selection of fabrics and materials, production of prototypes.
Production of corporate clothing, provision of branded accessories.
Development of patterns and collections.
Printing layouts.
Tailoring of finished products according to the customer's patterns from one unit.
Sewing models from the catalog of the «Russian Sewing Concern».


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The perfect product
The perfect product